Glad you stopped by. I am a contemporary portrait photographer that specializes in families, couple and kids portraiture. I believe in capturing the in between moments, the everyday connection between family members. Moms, dads and the kiddos. After all, I have learned that in a blink of an eye our kids grow up and then they will be out of the house. One minute they are babies, then 'poof' teens then adults. And we say to ourselves, I wish I would've captured those everyday kid and family moments. That is why I do this, to help you capture those moments. The fun and goofy moments and the I am going to 'lose it at any moment' moments, that only kids can create. Capturing the love we have for our families, the real and not to staged or stiff traditional posed moments. I approach this in the same way I do with my family, real and authentic. Letting each persons personality shine through the lens. While I do direct how the shoot will go, I like to capture those "surprise" moments, letting the kids, and mom and dad be themselves. That is why I specialize in family portrait photography. It is all I do.

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I like to shoot outside and use the surrounding Boiling Springs, Carlisle, and Harrisburg areas as my portrait studio for family photography. That way we are not limited by space and stuck with only a few backdrop choices. My family and portrait session style is relaxed and fun. Working in both color and black and white. Check out my portfolio and If you like what you see and would like a free consultation, just click the link below.  Or if you are wondering what family life photography is or want to know what questions to ask, just click on those links too.



Part of the fun for me is to let the kids be themselves. These are the types of images you get when you give them free reign to pose how they want to. Of course the hard part can be to make sure they at least look at the camera. One thing I like about shooting outdoors is be able to use natural light. Especially at golden hour(about 1-2 hours before sunset). You get that perfect warm hue to your images.

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I also can bring the studio to you. I offer the ability to set up my mobile studio in your home. Which gives us greater flexibility by not having to rely on good weather and just the right conditions to have your photo shoot outside. I have 3 background choices, white, black or green. If you choose the green one, that can open up a world of possible backgrounds through the use of utilizing digital technology.